When you work at IntelliWare, you have the support of an organization that prides itself on providing a comprehensive benefits package, career development and continuing education opportunities, and a culture that is representative of today’s dynamic and motivated workforce.  IntelliWare is not your typical government consulting company, you are not just another employee; you are an employee with career and life goals that we will help you achieve.

Today’s workforce is asked to be dynamic, flexible, and constantly evolving, so your benefits should be the same.  IntelliWare believes in providing a benefits program that covers all aspects of our employees and their families’ lives. We also have a committee of employees who continuously work with corporate leadership to improve our benefits.  Our current benefits packages include:

  • Career Development
  • Financial Planning
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Expenses
  • Vacation
  • Personal Wellness




Since 2005, as our company has grown, our culture has not wavered from being an employee centric organization. It starts at the top with our open and connected leaders who foster an environment that promotes hard work, commitment to the community, and continued personal growth. You will quickly find that IntelliWare is comprised of highly motivated and capable employees who challenge themselves and their coworkers not only to deliver exemplary work, but also to continually improve. Our employees regularly connect with each other through social media, the company intranet, and charity, social, and corporate sponsored events. Read what some of our employees have to say about our culture:

  • I am empowered to do my best for both the client and the company.  I believe that my opinions and ideas are heard, and my concerns are addressed immediately.  IntelliWare has provided me with the support to excel and advance my career.

  • I truly believe that when IntelliWare hires an individual to fill a vacant position it is not only because they believe that the person has the right skill set and temperament to fill the customer’s needs, but that they are also investing in the future for both the individual and the company.