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Allen Payne Promoted to COO
January 1, 2014

IntelliWare Systems is excited to announce the promotion of Allen Payne to Chief Operations Officer (COO).  Allen has been effectively operating in an acting capacity for the last year, and the Board of Directors ratified his promotion in December. 

Allen's dedication to IWS, including maturing infrastructure and internal processes to enable management of a growing company in a very dynamic market; managing human resources functions, including benefits, to respond to our changing marketplace; recruiting a team of the highest quality; developing and protecting corporate culture and customer relationships; and owning responsibilities for account operations, P&L, and strategy led to his well-deserved promotion.  

As COO, Allen is accountable for the successful and satisfactory delivery of superior performance to our customers, fostering a company culture that enables the professional development of every employee and makes IWS a desired employer, maturing all facets of company operations, and ensuring IWS gives back to the communities in which we live and serve.

According to Dom LaPore, IWS CEO, "Allen's dedication and contributions to IntelliWare are one of the  key reasons we've been successful.  This promotion was appropriate and inevitable, as Allen has always driven IWS to be the best we can be."