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Dick Barnett retires as Chairman of the Board; Dom LaPore promoted to Chairman; Jennifer Warren added to Board.
November 9, 2018

After 13 years of faithful service, on Wednesday, November 7th, Dick Barnett retired as IntelliWare Chairman of the Board.  During Dick’s tenure at IntelliWare, he led as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) through 2012 and as Chairman of the Board since the company’s founding. Under Dick’s leadership, IntelliWare has grown from a start-up company to an awarded mid-sized company of over 200 employees and over $30M in revenue.

Dom LaPore, also a founder, has been promoted to Chairman of the Board and will continue to serve as CEO.  Since the inception of IntelliWare, Dom has been instrumental in the development and execution of the strategy that has led to IntelliWare’s success.  He will continue to do so as IntelliWare charts a course to make an even greater impact on the safety and security of our nation.

Jennifer Warren, VP of Finance and Accounting, was also added to IntelliWare’s Board.  Jennifer has served as IntelliWare’s lead for finance and accounting since joining the company over 11 years ago and has earned her board seat through outstanding financial management and committed service as an impactful and inspirational company leader.

Far from retiring into rest and relaxation, Dick is moving on to invest more of his time and energy into his role as President of Cornerstone College of Virginia.  Cornerstone provides theological and professional education that equips students for work in the church and in the world.  The IntelliWare Team is grateful for Dick’s leadership, commitment, and example and wishes him great success in his next career.