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IntelliWare Reaches Giving Milestone!
January 10, 2019

IntelliWare’s IntelliReach program reached a milestone in December, surpassing $1 Million in charitable giving to non-profits since the program’s inception.  IntelliWare started the program in 2008 to give back to our communities, to help support organizations that care for families, children, and veterans and that support those who are dealing with serious health issues.  We have supported over 100 non-profits, provided funding to food banks each year for the past 10 years, raised money for ovarian cancer research and men’s health issues through employee “fun” campaigns for the last four and five years, respectively, sponsored teams in charity runs for over five years, and provided disaster relief support for numerous natural disasters. 


Dom LaPore, IntelliWare’s CEO, says, “one of the most satisfying milestones in my professional career was the day I signed the first checks giving back to our communities.”  Jennifer Warren, IntelliWare’s VP of Finance and Accounting, who leads the IntelliReach program adds, “IntelliWare is thrilled to have reached and will celebrate this new milestone, and the program will continue to be priority.  We intend to continue our support and increase our giving as the business grows.”