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Key Features of Phase III Contracts

About the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program

The SBIR Program was established by Congress in 1982 to increase participation of small innovative companies in federally funded research and development. Phases I and II include concept and prototype development to determine the scientific or technical merit of an idea or technology. Phase III is commercialization and allows the Federal Government to issue direct awards for work that derives from, extends, or completes an awardee’s prior SBIR efforts.

Key Features of Phase III Contracts

  • Sole source-like nature significantly reduces time and effort required by Government to procure
  • Utilizes prior Phase I/II efforts, allowing Government to tap into previously developed innovations
  • Considered competitive but issued as a direct award – no J&A required by SBA due to the highly competitive nature of previous Phase I/II awards
  • Broad agency discretion on how prior SBIR work is used – flexible application that may include processes or products already developed with SBIR funding
  • No limit on the number, duration, type, or dollar value; may include any type of work including services, products, or a combination of both
  • No limitations on subcontracting; may be awarded to any size business with prior SBIR work
  • Virtually protest-proof due to inherent right awardee has to receive Phase III awards that use its prior SBIR work

Understanding IntelliBridge’s SBIR History

IntelliBridge’s wholly-owned subsidiary RevaComm, Inc. (RVCM) has been awarded five Phase I/II contracts and two Phase III contracts. These SBIR contracts span a broad range of topics that can be utilized in a direct Phase III award, including: application of Agile methodology, DevSecOps best practices, cybersecurity, automation, software development, caTO, elimination of operational inefficiencies, training users, platform as a service (PaaS), user centered research, experience and design, and data gathering, organizing, and analyzing.

RVCM and IntelliBridge are fully integrated and operate as one team. IntelliBridge customers can issue Phase III awards to the RVCM business entity, while still receiving support from the same IntelliBridge management and delivery teams.