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Frequently Accessed Solutions Toolkit

FAST Plays

We do it FAST with our Frequently Accessed Solutions Toolkit

Our FAST Plays guide us through a customized approach that uncovers the expertise of stakeholders and subject matter experts, your users, as well as any expert external partners.

This process generates the right outputs and artifacts that shape a clearly defined vision, hypothesis definition and clarity, and an actionable roadmap to success.

Understand Plays

Build a greater understanding of your problem and the people it impacts.

Understand Plays are designed to gain a deep comprehension of the current user experience and the complexities of legacy systems, providing insights that drive the modernization of data management with a user-centric focus.​

Affinity Mapping

Clusters data or ideas into related groupings

Helps analyze qualitative information and identify themes or patterns across large data sets​

Produces organized information that makes it easier to decide what to do next​

Persona Profile

Represents a user type within your target demographic​​

Creates empathy and understanding of users’ needs, behaviors and goals​

Guides product design and marketing strategies to better align with user expectations​

Role Empathy Map

Centers a team on who a user is, enhancing empathy and understanding about the user’s needs​ based on a specific role they have within a system.​

Offers insights into opportunities to help improve the way the user role performs its work​

Fosters team collaboration and provides an understanding of users among stakeholders​

Focus Plays

Elaborate on research from Discovery and create testable solutions.

Focus Plays clarify the problem space, define challenges, and identify priorities by deriving insights from research, ensuring our strategies align with user needs and stakeholder expectations.​

Bull’s Eye Diagram

Visually categorizes ideas, features or issues by importance

Enables a team to quickly assess and prioritize aspects of a project or product

Results in a focused plan of action with clearly defined priorities​

SWOT Analysis

Identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Offers strategic insights for growth and identifies potential challenges

Informs decision-making and strategic planning processes

Build Plays

Create testable solutions.

Build Plays focus on informing design direction that directly address user challenges, allowing for rapid iteration and validation before detailed design and full-scale development.​​

Design Thinking Canvas

Provides a collaborative framework for solving complex problems with a human-centric approach​

Fosters innovation through understanding, ideation, and rapid prototyping​

Leads to solutions that resonate with users’ needs and wants​

Wireframing Workshop

Creates blueprints for digital applications​

Aligns the project team on functionality and user requirements​

Provides a foundation for interface design and further development​

Test Plays

Test a design hypothesis

Test Plays involve rigorous validation of hypotheses through deep-dive investigations, refining our problem-space understanding and ensuring our solutions are both effective and aligned with user needs.

Heuristic Review

Analyzes user interfaces against recognized usability principles​

Identifies usability flaws and areas for quick wins and improvements​

Enhances the user interface for better user performance and satisfaction​

Visual Preference Test

Gather feedback from users to inform a product or service’s visual direction

Gain alignment with user expectations in look and feel aligned to branding guidelines

Understand the fit of a product or service to visual design and emotional appeal

Case Studies

FOIA Intake Process

Our client receives more than 25% of all federal FOIA requests. We set out to maximize efficiencies and decrease request processing times.

Thought Leadership


Applying a Flexible Discovery Process to Complex Data Challenges

We were determined to showcase how we approach, understand, and solve complex challenges using Discovery and Human-Centered Design practices in an Agile-like methodology to better identify the issues afoot and build a strategy to modernize their systems.

Client Testimonials

“What your team helped us uncover during our Discovery engagement period was fantastic. We look forward to your teams continued efforts in our full scale rollout of our newest Software Platform”

– Executive
Commercial Client

“Was this just any other workshop? Absolutely not – This survey should have asked the question if this was the best design thinking workshop I have ever been involved in.
Answer: Yes!”

– UI/UX Lead
Department of Homeland Security

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